Award given to Bridget - RMS of Ohio

RMS Adult Day Support:

In the heart of Lima, Ohio, a beacon of kindness and inspiration shines through Bridget. She is a valued member of the Allen County community who embodies resilience and unwavering support for those around her.

Bridget has earned the 2024 “I Love My Community” Award. A friend to all, Bridget’s kindness and outgoing nature touch everyone she encounters, leaving a lasting memory. With an outgoing and warm personality, she is a source of inspiration to the people around her.

Bridget is gracefully transitioning into retirement, but continues to shine in RMS of Ohio’s Adult Day Support (ADS) Program. Through Bridget’s participation in the adult day services program, her story is a testament to the profound influence of personal connections and community.

Bridget’s journey, spanning seven decades of experience, highlights the transformative power of individuals within the Ohio developmental disabilities (DD) system. Bridget gives credit to each and every one of the people, from service and support administrators (SSAs) to direct support professionals (DSPs), who have helped her along the way. Their dedicated assistance has empowered her to live on her own and be part of her community.

Bridget’s involvement with the Club RMS Adult Day Support program exemplifies her commitment to not letting barriers stop her. From assisting friends with visual impairments by reading the Bible, to guiding young individuals in mastering money management, her actions are a vital part of her community.

As we celebrate Bridget’s award, her narrative serves as a powerful reminder of the value of community engagement. Bridget’s life story, enriched by her participation in RMS of Ohio ADS, serves not only as an inspiration but also as a blueprint for how compassion, coupled with community support services, forges meaningful connections. These connections help to empower individuals so that they can thrive within their communities.

What is Adult Day Support?

Adult Day Support (ADS) programs are available for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Also known as adult day array, adult day services or day hab, these programs are designed to help people build and maintain connections in their community.

The major goals of a well-structured adult day support program should help individuals:

  • Discover local activities in their community.
  • Navigate social interactions and meet new people.
  • Learn how to independently find places near them.
  • Identifying nearby job opportunities in their community.
  • Communicate that they need assistance with personal needs such as restroom use, mealtime, and medication management.

The focus of Adult Day Support programs is centered around fostering connections among individuals, regardless of disabilities, and guiding each person towards discovering and pursuing their passions and skills alongside others. This involves building meaningful relationships and advancing a collective understanding of how to best cultivate each person’s unique interests and abilities in a communal setting.

About RMS of Ohio:

RMS of Ohio is part of the Team RMS family of companies. We believe that every person has their own unique strengths and abilities. This principle guides our agency to provide a range of flexible programs that provide the right balance of service and support for the individuals that we serve.

At Team RMS, our programs combine personal choice and community integration, while ensuring professional oversight, family involvement and stability. Our services and programs are provided in a wide variety of community settings. We offer the individuals that we serve experienced clinical, medical, behavioral and personal supportive services.

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