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Enhancing People’s Lives Through Innovation:

RMS of Ohio is proud to share an exciting update on a groundbreaking initiative that is transforming the landscape of support for individuals with developmental disabilities. The Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities (DODD) has recently launched the ADS Quality Pilot Program.

RMS of Ohio is honored to be part of the ADS program as a participating agency. This initiative marks a significant advancement in our commitment to providing exemplary Adult Day Support (ADS) waiver services. The program provides tools that will enhance people’s lives.

What is the ADS Quality Pilot Program?

The ADS Quality Pilot Program is designed to enhance the quality of life for individuals with developmental disabilities. The goal is to integrate more personalized and technologically advanced support mechanisms into people’s daily routines.

By focusing on adult day support services, this program aims to equip participants with the necessary tools to foster their independence, increase community engagement, and enhance their ability to build relationships and advocate for themselves.

**Goals of the Program**

The primary goals of the ADS Quality Pilot Program are to:

– Develop essential life skills for greater autonomy.

– Promote active participation in community life.

– Enhance relationship-building capabilities.

– Encourage self-direction and self-advocacy among participants.

Progress at Team RMS

At RMS of Ohio, we have embraced the ADS Quality Pilot Program with open arms and are diligently working to implement its principles across selected adult day service locations. Our focus has been on leveraging technology to transform how we deliver services.

A key innovation has been the introduction of large, interactive, touchscreen displays at our facilities. These state-of-the-art devices are not just tools but gateways that enable individuals to interact with the world in more meaningful ways.

**Technological Enhancements**

The new touchscreen displays provide an intuitive interface that encourages users to explore digital environments autonomously. This technology supports a variety of applications, from educational programs that teach new skills to interactive games that promote social interaction.

By integrating these technologies, we are setting a new standard for ADS services and creating opportunities for participants to engage in life-enhancing activities.

**Looking Ahead**

The initial feedback from participants and staff has been overwhelmingly positive. As we continue to roll out and refine this pilot program, we anticipate even greater outcomes including improved participant satisfaction and more robust community integration.

Team RMS believes that through the ADS Quality Pilot Program, we are not just supporting individuals; but we are empowering them to lead fuller, more integrated lives. This initiative is a testament to our ongoing commitment to innovation and excellence in the delivery of developmental disability supportive services.

Stay Tuned:

Check back regularly for more updates as we progress with this exciting initiative. At RMS of Ohio, we are committed to pushing the boundaries of what is possible for individuals in our adult day support programs. We strive to ensure that every individual we serve can reach their fullest potential.

We are grateful for the opportunity given to us by the Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities (DODD) to participate in such an innovative program and look forward to continuing to share our journey.

For more information about the ADS Quality Pilot Program and other initiatives, please contact our support team or visit our Team RMS website.

Who We Are:

RMS of Ohio is part of the Team RMS family of companies. We believe that every person has their own unique strengths and abilities. This principle guides our agency to provide a range of flexible programs that provide the right balance of service and support for the individuals that we serve.

At Team RMS, our programs combine personal choice and community integration, while ensuring professional oversight, family involvement and stability. Our services and programs are provided in a wide variety of community settings. We offer the individuals that we serve experienced clinical, medical, behavioral and personal supportive services.

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